Housekeeper Kimberly Kay Schepers stole over $7,000 cash from us while cleaning our home in 2012.

Long Story Short

It’s now 2019 and still not a single dollar of the $7,400 that she was ordered to pay has been paid back from Kimberly Kay Schepers. Her only real punishment was spending 3 nights in county jail. Hennepin county has also already downgraded her crime to a misdemeanor, even though she didn’t adhere to a single requirement of her sentencing…

The last we heard was she was being accused of stealing from her own mother…

Over the past few years, we have had now several people reach out to us and express they too were victimized by Kim. In 2013, I attended her court appearance,  for… not doing her 3 days of community service for our case. So not only did she not pay us back the restitution she was ordered to  pay us, she also skipped out on doing her community service!

She’s obviously not sorry for what she has done.

So she spent 3 nights in jail instead in downtown Minneapolis. At the court appearance,  she entered the room smiling and giggling until she saw me front row!

The judge let her go saying in leau of community service, she spent time in jail.

Part of the “deal”, in order for her to get this felony downgraded to a misdemeanor, she has to pay us back within 3 years! It’s now 2019 and not a dime so far, so it’s not looking too promising…


Previous April 6th, 2013 Update

On April 4th 2013, Kimberly Kay Schepers pleaded guilty to stealing $7,400 from us while cleaning our home in 2012. She’s been ordered to pay ALL of it back as part of her restitution over three years. If she doesn’t, it will be a violation of her probation. She’ll be on probation for three years and if all goes well, this felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor on her record.

Strange enough, her only real punishment is 5 days of STS (manual labor on roads). She steals over $7,000 and all she gets is having to pick up trash for 5 days…

Keep in mind, having to pay us back isn’t a “punishment“…

Another very strange thing is Kimberly’s privately hired lawyer claims he never saw the now infamous video. The number 1 piece of evidence against her is online for the world to see, and he never even bothers watching it?

Kimberly showed absolutely no remorse. She continued her “deny till you die” attitude by having her lawyer state that “we’re accepting this offer even though we don’t believe Kim was responsible for all of that amount”

Her lawyer even implied she did it because she was a desperate single mother with a troubled past. Her lawyer made a HUGE mistake though.

He brought up that Kimberly’s theft video has now been viewed by thousands of people online and that there’s even a website with her name as the domain name. He was trying to paint Kimberly as the victim to the judge as it’s affected her reputation with clients, family and friends.

The judge put the lawyer in his place by stating, anytime you commit a crime and are caught, it’s public information. It’s all online already on government websites. The judge also said she doesn’t feel bad for Kim because people found out about it.

This is 2013. People have cameras on their phones and can upload to YouTube. Criminals should know that if they violate the wrong person, they could be exposed online…

Kimberly’s record with the law can be cleaned up once she completes her probation, her online reputation not so much.

Although I’m glad we’ll be getting all of our money back, I’m still surprised that the judge said nothing about her continuing to clean in people’s homes (except that she shouldn’t be trusted). I was expecting the judge to order Kim to no longer clean homes.

I feel bad for any of her current clients and friends as now she’s going to be more desperate than ever before. Kleptomania has no limits or boundaries when it comes to who the thief will steal from.

The most disturbing part of the court hearing was when the judge gave Kimberly the opportunity to say something to the court. Kim replied with “No” (she forgot the words “your honor”)

The judge looked very confused and shocked. This is what the judge had to say…

“When I asked if she had anything to say, my hope always is when the actual victims of the crime are here and present, the least the defendant can do is apologize for what she did. That’s what I really expected”

After the judge points that out, Kim reluctantly, for the first time ever, gave us a (fake) apology. Kim hesitates,  turns around and says, “Your honor, it’s not that, it’s not that I didn’t… of course, I apologize profusely. I feel horrible. There are reasons that don’t even matter why it happened. I was wrong. I’m very sorry.”

Here’s the problem. We now know of 4 other cases against her. She’s still cleaning houses. There is nothing stopping her from continuing to steal. If you add up just what she stole from us and one other couple in Maple Grove, MN, it’s over $11,000.

To steal over $11,000 isn’t just a “bad decision”. That is a full fledged criminal. And that’s just between one other couple and us. Who knows what she’s stolen from her other clients, family and friends.

So really who won this case?

Kimberly did.

She received an interest free, tax free loan that she has over three years to pay back. She’ll most likely never get in trouble from anyone else unless they were lucky enough to catch her in the act. She gets to keep everything she bought with the stolen money.

She wins but it did cost her being exposed online for her friends, family and the world to see…

She stole over $7,000 from us over three months time in 2012 while employed cleaning our home. Charges have been filed. Court is pending.

The money wasn’t in a safe but a hidden fireproof lockbox with the key hidden in a different area. We started leaving her alone in our home to clean the end of June 2012.

She worked for our mother who was a retiring house cleaner. Up until June 2012, Kimberly Schepers always cleaned our home supervised by my mother. We felt we trusted her as our guard was down being she worked with my mother for over a year and always did a great job.

Once my mom retired in June of 2012, Kim cleaned our place all to herself. I would often “go to the gym” and let her clean unsupervised. This is when she started snooping. She knew when I went to the gym, I’d be gone for at least an hour easy so she had all the time in the world. She also used a mutual love for pets to help keep our guards low.

It wasn’t until September 2012 that I realized money was missing. My good friend was getting married and I had procrastinated on getting a wedding gift. Being in a rush I didn’t want to make an extra stop for an ATM so I figured I would grab cash from the lock box. That’s when I noticed more than $5,000 missing. I immediately began to run through everyone who had potential access to this.

Three Important Points

  1. I run my own business from home and I’m a workaholic. I’m in the area where the money was stolen about 14 hours everyday. The rest of the time I’m sleeping upstairs.  Whoever did this had very little opportunity to do so.
  2. Not all of the money was taken. If this was a random robbery, the thief would have taken ALL of the money, not just some of it. That’s what led me to believe it was a recurring crime.
  3. I filed a police report on the previously missing $5,400 three days before she was caught red-handed stealing $2,000 in the above video.

After much thinking, we began to realize that Kimberly Schepers of “My Cleaners Domestic Services” was literally the only person that had recurring opportunities to do this. I’m not one to accuse someone without any kind of proof so we decided to…

Setup a sting operation

We went to Best Buy and invested in a wireless security camera. I set that up along with three other hidden cameras before her next scheduled visit. One was a webcam that was openly on my computer screen like it 41CVST30S2L._SL500_SS500_normally is. She unfortunately turned that away. Of the three remaining cameras, two were recording to SD cards and one was broadcasting live on the internet where my wife and her co-workers were watching in disbelief.

I knew her biggest question every time she let herself into our home, was if I noticed anything missing. She would often act nervous when first arriving to our home and then after I would small talk with her, she realized everything was probably good. She especially knew I didn’t know when I continued to leave her to clean alone.

One of my biggest concerns was if I set up this big sting operation, would she even commit the crime again? I was 100% focused on making her experience an authentic and natural one and for the crime to be easy for her if she really was the culprit.

I added more money!

If I’m a criminal, and I’m counting the money each time, I’m thinking the victim must not notice if he continues to add money. So I added $300 worth of twenty dollar bills to bulk it up to help make her think “I’m an idiot” and will continue to keep adding money even though she continues to take it. The one thing she didn’t count on was I had written down the serial numbers of every twenty and hundred dollar bill.

When she arrived, I pretended to be on a phone meeting downstairs in my office, which is was a very normal situation when she would arrive. In actuality, I was preparing all four cameras and live stream while holding a fake conversation. I was real nervous which was surprisingly easy for me to hide. I had set up my laptop next door at the neighbor’s house ready to record. I had the streaming web cam on my phone via the GoToMeeting app.

After engaging in worthless small talk about pets and family, I told her I was leaving to bring the dogs to the groomer AND go to the gym myself.

She thought she had a ton of EXTRA time!

What I really did was drive down the road, park the dogs safely in the car and ran to my neighbor’s house while watching the live feed on my smartphone. As I knocked on the neighbor’s door, I saw Ms. Schepers enter my office and dig for the key. The next thing I know I’ve got 911 on the phone and I’m trying to explain that there is a robbery in progress. This took a little while to explain it wasn’t the average robbery. Kimberly had keys and openly invited in our home to work. It was an inside Job.

The beginning of the video proves this was not her first journey into our cash box (which she admits later in the video)

When the police arrived, I provided them with the list of serial numbers. They told me when they found her, the lock box was wide open and had the key inside the key hole still. They proceeded to count and compare serial numbers and after about 30 minutes, discovered there were twenty $100 bills missing ($2,000). This one time alone she took $2,000 and this is the only time we caught her but we have documentation to prove the total amount stolen.

She had a great plan!

  1. She enters my office and turns the webcam around “just in case”
  2. She checks my computer to make sure I wasn’t recording anything (she forgot to check my spare computer Wink)
  3. Then she enters drawer and digs for hidden keys for lock box
  4. She then enters the closet she had no business being in, finds the lock box and opens with the key
  5. Now Kimberly very carefully counts the cash to see if I’ve added any since the last crime. Notice this part of the video, she takes quite a bit of time counting and even comes back and re-counts.
  6. She willingly decides that she deserves a $2,000 cash tip that day.

When she hears footsteps upstairs, she runs quickly into the other part of the basement and ditches the $2,000 that was in her bra. For the next 30 minutes, she continually changes her story about what happened but always maintained she “never stole any money“. She thought that because she didn’t get away with the crime, it didn’t count. Even after the police found the $2,000 and verified the missing serial numbers, she still claimed she never touched the money.

Hennepin county is one of the few counties in the entire country that can do “touch based DNA” testing. They took the $2,000 as evidence to see if she really “never touched” that money. The results came back finally and the charges have been filed.

Kimberly Schepers Profile

Her website and Facebook pages have been taken down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you guys make this page and post this video?
We made this web page to help us share our story and get the word out about Ms. Schepers. As far as we know, she is still cleaning homes and could have other victims.

How has this affected your lives?
It has been extremely hard on us in many ways. What she did has caused my family much stress, anxiety and anguish. We sometimes have a hard time trusting people because she violated our trust so much. The week leading up to the bust, I could barely eat anything because I was so nervous. We sure could have used that money recenlty when our puppy needed a $2,000 surgery for his legs.

How much money was stolen?
We first noticed $5,400 missing when we filed our first police report. 6 days later she was caught red-handed stealing $2,000

How did you afford to have a housekeeper? Are you rich or something?
Not that it’s relevant to the case at all, but no, we’re not “rich” by any means. Over $7,000 isn’t pocket change and has been a HUGE hit to us. She was hired to come twice a month and do basic cleaning of our home for approximately two to three hours each time.

Has she stolen from other people?
Of course we can only speak for ourselves however we have heard of two other clients of hers so far that have reported missing money as well. They unfortunately didn’t catch her in the act like we were able to. If you’ve been a victim of Kimberly Schepers, please contact your local police department as soon as possible.

Is she still cleaning houses?
As of 2019, we don’t know anymore.

How did you find her?
My mom owned her own cleaning company. Ms. Schepers started working with her in 2011. She worked with my mother in our home for a year so our guard was down when she began cleaning by herself in July 2012.

What kind of punishment do you think she deserves?
That’s a tough one. Because we want ALL of our money back, we sort of want her to be able to work. At the same time, she really does deserve jail time because it’s not her first theft case and the amount of money we’re talking about. I do believe however she shouldn’t be able to work as a housekeeper anymore because she simply should not be trusted in anyone’s home.

Did you treat her badly or did she have a reason to steal from you?
Here’s the kicker. We were nothing but extremely kind to her and paid her quite well (about $30/hour). I commonly offered her a beverage and engaged in small chat. I even gave her a TV! It wasn’t a plasma TV or anything but it was a 27 inch flat screen that she told me she’s using in her bedroom.

July 6, 2013 Update

Kimberly hasn’t made any restitution payments and just cost herself an additional 20% as it’s now been passed onto MN collections.

February 10th, 2014 Update

Kimberly has been detained. Here’s the mugshot!